Jedis and Indians! Star Wars dubbed in to the Diné language

Rather than introducing the film to a new audience, the point of this exercise is to bring a very popular, familiar piece of media to an audience eager to connect with their fading traditional language. Manuelito Wheeler, director of the Navajo Nation Museum in Arizona, conceived of the project to preserve the language for generations, [...]

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Pine Ridge Community Storytelling Project

Great story about this collaborative project between the Lakota tribe, and National Geographic Magazine.   How National Geographic Used Cowbird Storytelling Tool to Tell a Reservation’s Whole Story: ”To make a really great narrative [in print] often means only telling the story of a couple of people, and trying to use those stories to tell the [...]

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The Endangered Alphabets Project

The world has between 6,000 and 7,000 languages, but as many as half of them will be extinct by the end of this century. Another and even more dramatic way in which this cultural diversity is shrinking concerns the alphabets in which those languages are written. Writing has become so dominated by a small number of global [...]

True Tulsa: Jimmy Washington

“It’s hard to find anyone in Tulsa who speaks Cherokee. …I’m just trying to survive the best I can.” This video was created by Sterlin Harjo of This Land Press. You can find more of his videos at

We Are Still Here

via This Land Press In this documentary, filmmakers Matt Leach and Sterlin Harjo explore the rare language of the Yuchi and the attempts being made to revive the ancient tongue. The film recently screened at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. as part of the program “Celebrating Native American Language Revitalization in Film” which [...]

Massive Digital Divide for Native Americans is ‘A Travesty’

Perhaps nowhere in the United States does the digital divide cut as wide as in Indian Country. More than 90 percent of tribal populations lack high-speed Internet access, and usage rates are as low as 5 percent in some areas, according to the Federal Communications Commission. “You have a community that perhaps treasures media and [...]

Google Now Supports Cherokee Language

In an attempt to preserve the endangered Cherokee language, Google has added it as an interface option. The addition, announced today, means Cherokee speakers can now make it their default language for searches, and help keep the language alive. Google also introduced an on-screen keyboard option. In practice, this means anyone who can read and [...]

‘Smiling Indians’ tries to balance older series

“Ryan took a camera to the (Intertribal Indian Club of Tulsa) Powwow, and I went off to Santa Fe. And we started asking people to smile for us,” Harjo said. The resulting film, “Smiling Indians,” was posted on YouTube in February. Although it hasn’t drawn the same number of viewers that videos by pop artists [...]

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39th Symposium of American Indian is April 11-16 at NSU

(Tahlequah, OK)–The Center for Tribal Studies and Northeastern State University extends an invitation throughout the region to attend the 39th Annual Symposium of the American Indian and NSU Powwow. Preliminary symposium activities begin April 11, with the full schedule running April 13-16. This year’s theme is “Hands Across Nations: Smart Legacies – Strong Spirits.” Confirmed [...]

Lloyd Oliver, among last of original Code Talkers, dies at 87

In 1942 at age 19, he left the reservation to help in the war. After training as a Code Talker, he served on the islands of Guadalcanal, New Britain, Saipan and Peleliu. He was a corporal when the Marines cut him loose in 1945. When asked by an Arizona Republic reporter in 2001 about his [...]

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