the native language project is a personal endeavor, a labor of love, a garage project, whathaveyou.  i’ve long had this idea in my head that technology can be used to bring the wisdom of our elders to a new generation.

we  live in an on-demand, instant-gratification, new & shiny, youth-oriented, disposable society and very seldom do we take the time to really listen to eachother …much less to our elders… and MUCH much less in the ancient languages that were taught to them.

noam chomsky teaches that languages and words contain ideas.  that without the word for it, a thought does not exist.  consider this: with the dying of our elders, and with the dying of their languages, dies that ancient wisdom.


why should we care?
well, we’re not really any more intelligent than the generations before us.  we may have more gizmos, more gadgets, more money…we may have jet planes, cars, iPhones, twitter accounts, HDTV and indoor plumbing but we’re not that much more evolved than a generation ago, or 5, or 50…

maybe there’s something to what our ancestors knew, back then.  maybe there was something in between the words as oral tradition was passed down, that was literally lost in translation when we became too impatient to sit and listen carefully.


so i’d like to capture some of that before it’s all gone.
i’d like to create a site that helps to records the stories, legends, and culture of native american elders, in their native tongue. …the project will grow and change…i myself am not even sure how it will look in the end.

thanks for stopping by!
contact me if you’re interested in collaborating (or even if you just want to chat about this a bit); i’d love to hear from you.