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We Are Still Here

via This Land Press In this documentary, filmmakers Matt Leach and Sterlin Harjo explore the rare language of the Yuchi and the attempts being made to revive the ancient tongue. The film recently screened at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. as part of the program “Celebrating Native American Language Revitalization in Film” which [...]

cherokee syllabary keyboard helps kids write and learn

Rachel and others at the Cherokee Nation Immersion School are the new keepers of their culture’s fire, carrying into the information age the Cherokee language and its syllabary, created by Sequoyah nearly two centuries ago.

Although the font was created through an agreement between the tribe and Apple Inc. a few years ago, the students have a new tool to help type the language: a keyboard overlay that replaces the letters of the English alphabet with those of the 85-character syllabary.

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