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The Endangered Alphabets Project

The world has between 6,000 and 7,000 languages, but as many as half of them will be extinct by the end of this century. Another and even more dramatic way in which this cultural diversity is shrinking concerns the alphabets in which those languages are written. Writing has become so dominated by a small number of global [...]

True Tulsa: Jimmy Washington

“It’s hard to find anyone in Tulsa who speaks Cherokee. …I’m just trying to survive the best I can.” This video was created by Sterlin Harjo of This Land Press. You can find more of his videos at

Film: Power Paths POWER PATHS offers a unique glimpse into the global energy crisis from the perspective of a culture pledged to protect the planet, historically exploited by corporate interests and neglected by public policy makers. The film follows an intertribal coalition as they fight to transform their local economies by replacing coal mines and smog-belching power [...]

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