well, we’re starting march of RIGHT!

‘got a fresh new email newsletter setup and ready to rock, thanks to mailchimp (hey, subscribe please!), and we’ve got a project set up on indegogo (i won’t mention that we haven’t been accepted yet by kickstarter, or that they’re a great service and you should check them out…maybe even nudge them to say yes to the native language project… nope, i won’t talk about that).  …and we’ve got our links section up and running (more soon!) so that’s awesome.

what are we doing in march?
well, we’re going to be taking our show on the road!  …that is, we’ve got our presentation ironed out pretty well.  and we’re planning to get on the road and talk to organizations, tribes, and hopefully other nonprofits and sponsor companies about funding to launch the pilot program.

we start this thursday (march 4th) with our 5-minutes of awesomeness at ignite Tulsa, and we’re looking to basically hit the ground running from there.  this will be the first of may talks we want to give about the importance of language preservation, what others like rosetta stone are doing, and gearing up to film our pilot.