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YouTube Video of the talk at Ignite Tulsa

My five minutes of fame! Thanks to the entire team at Ignite Tulsa, as well as all the sponsors, the fellow speakers, and everyone who came out and supported us! It was a great night. I was QUITE nervous (and sick!), but I made it through thanks to my wife and daughter who were there to cheer me on.

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powerpoint presentation

i spent today putting together a nice little powerpoint file that i hope takes all the notes, ideas, etc. that i’ve cobbled together, in to one cohesive presentation. ideally i’ll be able to take this around and show the scope of the project as well as talk about what is the next step we need [...]

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starting to build

this weekend i am working on a twitter account: and a website:v …not much up there now obviously but it’s a start and it will grow with time!

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i am in the brainstorming process of putting together a website called the, “native language project” ( which would be an oral history project that records the stories, legends, and culture of native american elders. these are cultures that for the most part have little or no recorded history and as the elders of these [...]

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