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Jedis and Indians! Star Wars dubbed in to the Diné language

Rather than introducing the film to a new audience, the point of this exercise is to bring a very popular, familiar piece of media to an audience eager to connect with their fading traditional language. Manuelito Wheeler, director of the Navajo Nation Museum in Arizona, conceived of the project to preserve the language for generations, [...]

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Film: Power Paths POWER PATHS offers a unique glimpse into the global energy crisis from the perspective of a culture pledged to protect the planet, historically exploited by corporate interests and neglected by public policy makers. The film follows an intertribal coalition as they fight to transform their local economies by replacing coal mines and smog-belching power [...]

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navajo language radio

Navajo Tribe President Shirley records a weekly radio address in Navajo that goes out over the Navajo radio station KTNN ( because there are still lots of Navajos who don’t speak any English.

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