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YouTube Video of the talk at Ignite Tulsa

My five minutes of fame! Thanks to the entire team at Ignite Tulsa, as well as all the sponsors, the fellow speakers, and everyone who came out and supported us! It was a great night. I was QUITE nervous (and sick!), but I made it through thanks to my wife and daughter who were there to cheer me on.

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march should be a big month for us

well, we’re starting march of RIGHT! ‘got a fresh new email newsletter setup and ready to rock, thanks to mailchimp (hey, subscribe please!), and we’ve got a project set up on indegogo (i won’t mention that we haven’t been accepted yet by kickstarter, or that they’re a great service and you should check them out…maybe [...]

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more than i can chew

it occurs to me that i’ve bitten off more than i can chew. obviously, you say? …well not so obvious to me i guess.  in any case, i now see a little more clearly how to approach and develop this project a little better, thanks IN GREAT PART to feed back from andrew, rebecca, ken, [...]

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